Use your own company academy to preserve and develop know-how.

Your own content plus more than 300 video courses and study programs.

You build your company academy from your own videos, documents, and photo galleries.
The system offers 300+ video courses. The content is regularly updated and expanded.
You can test the correct understanding of the content by testing your employees.
If you have the know-how you want to publish and charge, the system will allow you to do that.
You can share the contents of a company academy with specific employees, branches, departments, or across the entire company.
Our company academy can be extended by a system of educational programs and education courses designed for all job positions.
At the company academy, you can study online courses accredited by MBA, BBA, MSc, Ph.D., DBA, Dr
The guarantee of the quality of Ineducation study programs works in cooperation with the international University of Applied Management.

You need the company academy to develop your business

  1. Keep personal staff development and company development under control. The company is developing and you need certainty that development is under control. You need the goals and purpose of each existing and new job position to match your company's overall know-how. Protect and develop your know-how.
  2. Educate your team, expand your competencies. Your company needs a systematic management of the growth of every individual involved in your company processes. Only then can you grow.
  3. Save the cost of statutory required and mandatory employee training (OSH, etc.). Use a broad database of mandatory employee training. With every new employee, the administrative burden on these compulsory training increases. The system will make it simpler for you to train your employees.
  4. Maintain the content of your own company academy for easy learning of new employees, training and expanding the knowledge of existing employees, sharing experiences, introducing new processes, etc. The content of the company academy is at your command. In addition, the system offers you a wealth of case studies and training programs that you can take to your own company academy.
  5. Get access to training programs for specific jobs. Encourage the growth of top executives, sales representatives, production departments and other departments of your company with the right education programs for specific jobs.

The company academy will help consolidate your business

  1. Create a company culture based on a unified perception of short-term goals and long-term visions. You cannot buy a company culture, you need to build it. Create it on the basis of a unified perception of short-term goals and long-term visions across the company.
  2. Archivujte každý detail vašeho vnitropodnikového know how. Kolik času věnujete na zaučení nových zaměstnanců jen proto, že část vašeho know how  odešlo s původním zaměstnancem? Nyní máte možnost začít předávat své know how efektivně a zajistit kvalitní přístup k firemnímu know how a jeho porozumění.
  3. Archive every detail of your in-house know-how. How much time do you spend on training new employees just because some of your know-how has left with your original employee? Now you have the opportunity to start delivering your know-how efficiently and to ensure quality access to company know-how and understanding.
  4. Does your employee work at 100% or just 70% or 60%? Improve its efficiency. Using the company academy, expect systematic employee training from the first day of their employment to their ongoing personal development that corresponds to your know-how needs.
  5. Improve your own know-how. New employees are easily familiar with the company's principles and practices, trained by legislation required by training, getting acquainted with news, expanding their knowledge and skills, unifying visions and systematically building interest in helping to improve company know-how.
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The goal of "Vývoj řešení IN-EDUCATION.ORG", project number CZ.01.4.04/0.0/0.0/16_066/0009481 is to create an educational application that will allow any closed group to educate, share articles, videos and photo galleries. The resulting solution will be part of the partner portal of Univerzita aplikovaného managementu and Vysoká škola Karla Engliše.

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